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Susan Canterbury Pipyne is a landscape photographer and abstract impressionist painter based in DeKalb, Illinois. She is most comfortable being creative outdoors, and continuously seeks new ways to merge the presence of nature with consciousness.

We need the visual beauty of nature for some simple reasons:

·       a sense of space and freedom that defies the indoor living 
        we usually have
·       to unify the spiritual, mental, physical and emotional aspects of
·       awareness of natural energies for healing our mind and body
·       creating a sense of renewal and tranquility

Susan spends most months throughout the year immersing herself in the landscape. She shoots despite the rigors of season and weather. Her dedication to record the wonders of the natural landscapes she traverses is her passion. She travels from coast to coast, but her photography and paintings also capture many wonderful places in DeKalb and surrounding areas. Her love of animals, people, and ancient history are reflected in her whimsical abstract impressionist paintings.

Her original photographs have been displayed in art galleries and library exhibitions and in a variety of media ranging from books, websites, publicity, and advertising. Susan’s photography often has a fine art quality that is innovative and appreciated by trendsetting collectors. Her photography has been featured in various printed media, and as a student received an art award for painting from the Art Institute of Chicago.

Urban and rural exploration, and especially natural landscapes such as woods, water, and fields, brings all of us to a communal ancestral place on a spiritual and physical level. Her ultimate goal is to share the unfamiliar and often mystical beauty of these places.

Susan is a published author and has won two national awards with Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies. She has studied art and anthropology, worked in advertising and marketing, raised two bright and creative children, and lives with her photographer husband in a 100+ year old home with dust, character, and lots of backyard critters.

Her work as a past-life and present-issue hypnotherapist have given her intuitive insights and visions which often relay through her camera lens and paintings.

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