ALPHA WAVE  - Healing Through Fine Art Photography

Nature Exploration

My photography explores and records the coexistence of the natural
world with that of the man made. When I see something from the past, impressions about people and events of that time come alive.

They Went West Portfolio 

2nd Wave



Poppy Field

Rustic Chic and Rural Exploration

Urban exploration and natural landscapes such as woods and water can bring us to a communal ancestral place on a spiritual and physical level.
I want to share the unfamiliar and sometimes mystical beauty of these places.

Old Wood Portfolio


Camp III

                   Cabin Life


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How to Order Your Prints:

Fine Art Photography available print sizes: 11 x 14, 16 x 20, and 18 x 24.

Choose your image size and presentation (matted or unmatted) and email for questions and shipping costs.  USA shipping only.

Guarantee of Satisfaction: returns or exchanges accepted within 10 business days.

Environmentally friendly canvas art, and larger standard sizes may be ordered. Framed photography is cash and carry local only. 

                           Time is an illusion, we are eternal.
                                                     - INFP, Lifepath 9

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